Shock accelerometers K-Shear, 5000 … 50000 g / 8743A

Shock accelerometers K-Shear, 5000 … 50000 g


Family Type 8743A are quartz shock accelerometers for measuring impulse, impact, and pyrotechnic shock.
  • Low-impedance, voltage mode
  • Unique quartz shear-sensing element
  • Measuring range: 5000 … 50000 g and higher (ITAR restricted)
  • Rugged connector for repeated connection
  • Wide bandwidth, high resonant frequency
  • Conforming to CE
The sensing element contained within this shock accelerometer series features a unique, shear mode, four quartz crystal configuration combined with an annular pre-load sleeve and seismic mass. The element design provides a high 100 kHz resonance frequency ensuring accurate measurement of high speed events with zero shift and internal amplifier saturation, virtually eliminated. These shock sensors exhibit insensitivity to thermal transients with extremely low transverse and base strain sensitivity. Using quartz as the sensing material adds a valuable performance benefit because quartz will not depolarize if exposed to high shock. The case isolated option uses a patented technique that ensures high resonant frequency while providing electrical isolation.