On-board data acquisition systems KiDAU Advanced, for demanding crash testing applications / K3880C

On-board data acquisition systems KiDAU Advanced, for demanding crash testing applications


These on-board data acquisition systems come with modular design and 100 kHz sampling rate and belong to the family Type K3880C (KiDAU Advanced).
  • CrashLink interface
  • 32 analog and 16 digital channels
  • In-dummy interfaces
  • High bridge excitation and constant current mode
  • Extended Li-ion battery technology for up to 20 minutes
  • Direct recording in flash memory
  • CAN bus logger
A KiDAU Advanced system has 32 analog and 16 digital inputs. The application of different connectors, as well as pin assignments for the 32 analog inputs, will be mapped using different SD panels. Each analog channel comprises a programmable input amplifier, bridge excitation circuit, low pass filter, and 16-bit A/D converter. The amplifier precision is typically better than 0.1% and the input impedance is above 10 MΩ. The gain values can be programmed from 0.5 to 10000. An internal reference voltage is used for precise control of the amplifier setting, which is achieved via a software loop. The bridge excitation voltage is programmable separately for each channel. Bridge completion for half bridges can be switched internally. All current sensors may be supplied, a short circuit limitation is provided. Each channel of the KiDAU Advanced has a dedicated separate A/D converter with 16-bit resolution. Thus all channels are sampled simultaneously, ensuring that no time lack occurs between different channels. The maximum sampling rate for the KiDAU Advanced is 100 kHz. Each channel has a dedicated D/A converter of its own for compensation of the offset voltage. Neither potentiometers nor trimmers nor mechanical switches are used inside the device. All adjustments are implemented by software, automatically, or by command. The 16 digital inputs are galvanically isolated in two groups by 8 inputs. In contrast to former designs, the input low-pass filter is designed only as an adaptive antialiasing filter. All necessary filtering according to SAE filter classes has to be done in the evaluation and analysis software or the CrashDesigner.
On-board data acquisition unit KiDAU Advanced, 100 kHz sampling rate