Electronic torque wrenches INSPECTOR / 5413-5103

Electronic torque wrenches INSPECTOR


The electronic torque wrenches are hand tools for fastening and checking bolted joint connections in various procedures. The measured values can be evaluated and archived using the software platforms CEUS and testXpert.
  • Torque measuring ranges from 3 Nm to 1000 Nm
  • Torque and angle of rotation control
  • Yield point control
  • Audit functions (static torque, release-tighten)
  • Internal memory 2 GB
  • Additional measurement channel for clamping force sensors
The INSPECTOR torque wrench consists of a hand grip with an integrated changeable battery, an operating unit and a measuring head (both-side rotatable over 60°) with a square change system for adaptation of the switch-over ratchet. The operating unit consists of display and operating elements such as the power and error LED, the TFT touch display, the membrane keys and the turning wheel. The LED of the torque wrench gives the operator feedback about the operating state, when the target value has been reached or when the measuring range has been exceeded (error LED). The membrane keys and the turning wheel serve the navigation, setting and selection. The operating unit also contains the interfaces to connect an external strain gauge sensor, a PC and a battery charger. The INSPECTOR can optionally be fitted with a bar code scanner. The INSPECTOR variants 30 to 100 are used for nominal torques of 30, 60 and 100 Nm. Their small dimensions make it possible to use them confined spaces. The INSPECTOR variants 200 to 1000 are used for nominal torques of 200 to 1000 Nm.
Torque wrench INSPECTOR