Data recorder modules for in-dummy data acquisition in crash testing / DTI375

Data recorder modules for in-dummy data acquisition in crash testing


These are data recorder modules with DTI (Digital Transducer Interface) function for up to 288 channels and a sampling rate of 20 kHz; they belong to the family Type DTI375.
  • Available with 8, 12 or 8 x 3 ports for connecting up to 288 measuring channels
  • One RS-485 bus connection at each port to feed connected sensors and record measuring signals
  • Central memory with a capacity of up to 300 s measuring data recording at 20 kHz sampling rate
  • Non-volatile flash memory for measurement data storage
  • External data transmission and communication via Ethernet connection with 100 Mbit/s
  • Type DTI375.01 (UPS Power Supply) can be used together with recorders Types DTI375.12 or DTI375.08
  • Type DTI375.TH with integrated UPS Power Supply
Within the DTI technology (Digital Transducer Interface), the data recorder is the core element for recording in-dummy measuring values. Depending on the instrumentation of the dummy, the data recorder can be used to record measured values of up to 96 DiMod channels through its signal interface module with 8 DTI ports. Each port can be connected via DTI bus with up to 12 DiMod channels. For power supply on the connected DTI bus, each DTI port has its own short circuit proof control unit which sets the output voltage to 5.6 V and provides a maximum of 500 mA. The overall current is restrained by the power rating of the attached UPS power supply. The data recorder in combination with a Type DTI375.01 power supply can deliver a total of approximately 5 A. On the DTI bus cable remains a reserve of 0.5 V with the voltage set to 5.6 V which is sufficient at full load for a cable length of 5 m – standard wire diameter assumed, e.g. AWG26. In addition, each DTI port has its own RS-485 driver and receiver for data transmission on the bus. In order to ensure uninterruptible measuring and recording even when the main supply voltage fails, each data recorder is powered by a backup power supply (Type DTI375.01). The recorder controls the attached UPS through the I²C bus and continuously collects all relevant operating data like charge balance and battery capacity. This data can be retrieved by an appropriate application software at any time.