Plug-in cable adapters to charge amplifier Type 5080A / 5435A

Plug-in cable adapters to charge amplifier Type 5080A


These cable adapters conveniently connect a piezoelectric dynamometer to charge amplifiers of Type 5080A.
  • Fischer 9-pin negative input
  • 3 to 8 x BNC positive output
Charge amplifiers of Type 5080A are the successors to the charge amplifier families of Types 5017B and 5019B. Thanks to the modular design up to eight amplifier modules can be inserted. Charge modules of Type 5067A0 with BNC connector are standard, as an option it is as also possible to integrate Type 5067A2 Piezotron modules. A 6-component analog summing calculator of Type 5245 is provided by default. This feature calculates the resulting force as well as the three components of the resulting torque in real time. Dynamometer-specific values required for torque calculation can be set directly on the instrument. The liquid crystal display shows all channel settings. Various channels can be switched onto the display as required. The instrument is set up by means of different menus with the universal press-and-turn knob. All functions can also be controlled externally via RS-232C or USB 2.0.