Mineral insulated thermocouples, Type J, 400°C / 6196A

Mineral insulated thermocouples, Type J, 400°C


The mineral insulated thermocouples are suitable for monitoring variations in mould temperature and flow fluctuations or blockages of cooling channels.
  • Short response time to temperature changes for fast reactions in the controlled system
  • Robust against mechanical stress
  • Flexible and thin-walled mineral-insulated cable
  • Temperature range: 0 ... 400°C
  • Type J iron / cupro-nickel acc. to DIN EN 60584 and ANSI 96.1
Temperature sensors of Type 6196A detect the temperature in injection molds and help monitoring and optimizing the injection molding process. The measuring principle is based on Type J thermocouples. These mineral-insulated thermocouples consist of a flexible, thin-walled, mineral-insulated cable that allows a long service life, thanks to its shock-proof construction. They differ from other temperature sensors in their compact construction, fast response times to temperature changes, and flexibility, which allows their introduction into hard-to-reach measuring points. The mineral-insulated thermocouple has optimum strength properties at high temperatures and meets the typical requirements in environments with gaseous and liquid media. The thermocouple is mounted on the tool with a compression fitting.