Weigh In Motion (WIM) Data Logger / 5204A

Weigh In Motion (WIM) Data Logger


The WIM Data Logger is the data acquisition system for analog Lineas and Lineas Compact WIM sensors.
  • Able to monitor up to 4 traffic lanes
  • High weighing accuracy (OIML R134 certified)
  • Wide speed range (0 ... 250 km/h) with stop & go handling
  • Compact (low power) design with integrated amplifier
  • Tire type and tire status (flat tires) detection
  • Multiple vehicle classification schemes
  • Quick set up thanks to modern web interface
The WIM data logger is a data processing unit specifically designed to interface with Lineas and Lineas Compact WIM sensors. It enables customers to monitor traffic in real time and to gather vehicle data. The key is enhanced conditioning and processing of the Lineas and Lineas Compact WIM sensor signals to achieve the best weighing accuracy from low to high speed with the highest reliability. The WIM data logger can be easily integrated into the overall system by the system integrator, providing a customized solution according to the needs of the end user. Both WIM sensors, Lineas and Lineas Compact, can be directly connected to the WIM Data Logger. Additionally, there are various digital inputs and outputs to interface peripheral devices such as loop cards, beam arrays, traffic signals, camera triggers, barriers, etc. The WIM data logger is available in versions with 4 or 8 channels to monitor 1, 2, 3 or 4 traffic lanes (3 and 4 lanes, only staggered layout). In the KiTraffic Plus systems from Kistler, multiple WIM Data Loggers can be combined to monitor a virtually unlimited number of lanes with one single interface to the end user. Every lane can be equipped with 2 to 8 WIM sensors.
Weigh In Motion (WIM) Data Logger
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