Rotating cutting force dynamometers (RCDs), Fz max 20 kN, Mz max 150 Nm / 9170A

Rotating cutting force dynamometers (RCDs), Fz max 20 kN, Mz max 150 Nm


These rotating multicomponent dynamometers are applied to measure the forces Fx, Fy, Fz and the torque Mz on a rotating cutting tool.
  • Cutting force measurement on the rotating tool
  • 4-component measurement: Fx, Fy, Fz and Mz
  • Speed up to 20000 min-1
  • Internal cutting fluid supply possible
  • Available for conventional machine spindle interfaces
  • Tool holder with ER clamps
  • High run-out and balance quality
The complete measuring system comprises rotor, stator, connecting cable and signal conditioner. The spindle type on the machine tool determines which rotor version is required. The piezoelectric 4-component sensor, four charge amplifiers and the digital transmission electronics are integrated into the rotor. It measures the radial forces Fx and Fy, the axial force Fz and the torque Mz. Digitized measuring signals to the stator, the range selection of the charge amplifiers and the power supply are transmitted contactless. The stator is fastened to the machine tool with a gap of a few millimeters. The signal conditioner is responsible for power supply, signal transmission and control of the system. Three measuring ranges can be selected and the measurement can be started either manually or via a serial interface. The measuring signal is an analog ±10 V signal. Either the DynoWare software from Kistler, or a compatible data acquisition software, can be used to record the data.
Rotating cutting force dynamometer (RCD), Fz max ±20 kN, Mz max ±150 Nm