On-board to off-board interfaces Wall Box for KiHUB systems, non-ruggedized / K3980B

On-board to off-board interfaces Wall Box for KiHUB systems, non-ruggedized


These wall mounted boxes provide an interface between on-board and off-board parts of the KiHUB measurement systems; they belong to the family Type K3980B.
  • Power supply with 56 V and up to 450 W output
  • Filtering of main supply
  • Indication of load status
  • 100Base-TX LAN Ethernet interface
  • Trigger and sync signal transfer
  • Optional trigger interface
  • Optional digital interface
The Wall Box is the offboard-sided connection for the trailing cable linked to the onboard-sided KiHUB systems (Type K878A or K3789A). In this way, a reciprocal link between the distributed measurement systems (onboard and offboard) is established. The external supply voltage to the main input of the Wall Box can vary in a large range from 85 V to 264 V AC. Manual matching by configuration is not necessary. The Wall Box is equipped with a built-in TCP/IP Ethernet switch (100 Mbit/s) in order to connect the control room PC directly or rather by LAN to the onboard system via trailing cable and to the optional web-IO for the digital interface. By using the optional web-IO it is possible to control, acquire and monitor the switching signal of two digital inputs and two digital outputs via TCP/IP Ethernet. The Star Point connector offers the possibility to connect the Wall Box to a central trigger distribution unit, e.g. Trigger Star Point (Type K3981B), in order to transfer a master sync signal and/or a trigger generated in the test bed. In addition, an optional trigger interface is available with: trigger inputs for switches and open-collector outputs (2x T0, 1x start of record), opto-isolated trigger outputs of open collector (max. 48 V / 500 mA – 4x T0, 1x start of record, 2x opto-isolated sync outputs). The start of record trigger is always bidirectional whereas the T0 trigger can be used in a faster unidirectional mode and requires a second pair of wires.