Non-contact optical sensors Correvit SFx-F1 / 2067A

Non-contact optical sensors Correvit SFx-F1


The optical sensors Correvit SFx-F1 are designed to measure longitudinal and lateral speed as well as slip angle in racing applications.
  • Developed for measurement of slip angle
  • Speed range: 0.1 … 400 km/h
  • Measurement accuracy of speed: <±0.5%
  • Measurement accuracy of angle: <±0.2°
  • Adjustable filter time (unfiltered, mov. avg. 8 … 512 ms)
  • Standard filter time is 128 ms
  • Improved signal processing
Correvit SFx-F1 sensors are an evolution of the Formula-1 proven Correvit SF-II sensor, with its long-life, vibration-resistant, infrared LED illumination. Consistent miniaturization and a low weight enable universal mounting positions, e.g. below the vehicle near the center of gravity. The applied state-of-the-art technology delivers improved performance, even under harsh environmental conditions. Equipped with CAN bus, SFx-F1 sensors permit simultaneous measurement of longitudinal and lateral speed, and angle. Thanks to high-speed data transfer via CAN Bus, the SFx-F1 sensors can be used with all common data acquisition systems.
Non-contact optical sensor Correvit SFx-F1