Anthropomorphic test devices THOR-50M, crash test dummies / TH-472-0000

Anthropomorphic test devices THOR-50M, crash test dummies


THOR (Test device for Human Occupant Restraint) is an anthropomorphic test device (ATD) whose anthropomorphic data correspond to those of a 50-percentile adult male. Its main application is crash testing.
  • DTI ready, up to 288 channels
  • Standard instrumentation included
  • Optional instrumentation according to customer requirements
  • Configuration according to NHTSA or EuroNCAP possible
This dummy was developed with funding from the NHTSA and is currently the most advanced dummy model for frontal impact testing. Compared to the previous standard frontal impact dummy (Hybrid III 50%-man), the THOR dummy comes with improved biofidelity – a representation of human behaviour – and extended instrumentation to better determine the relevant parameters with regard to injuries and injury mechanisms. The Kistler THOR-50M dummy fulfills the requirements in accordance with TB026 (EuroNCAP specifications and criteria for THOR-50M) and since May 2020, Kistler is officially listed as supplier for this dummy for EuroNCAP testing. The test response requirements and parameter corridor specifications correspond to the demanded qualification procedure.
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