Triaxial load cell, piezoelectric force transducer Fx, Fy, Fz (Fz ±8 kN / ±1.79 klbf) / 9327C

Set of four preloaded 3-component force sensors (force links), Type 93x7, for independent installation in the machine structure
  • Triaxial piezoelectric load cell with measuring ranges Fx, Fy: -4 ... 4 kN and Fz: -8 ... 8 kN (±899 lbf / ±1.79 klbf)
  • Preloaded, calibrated and ready to measure
  • Nominal sensitivity Fz: -3.8 pC/N
  • Connection: V3 neg.
Preloaded sensorYesMeasuring range-8 … 8 kNMaximum measuring range8 kNForce sensor typeTriaxial force sensorCalibrated range Fx, Fy0 … 1 kNCalibrated range Fz0 … 8 kNRange Fx, Fy-4 … 4 kNRange Fz-8 … 8 kNCrosstalk Fx <-> Fy≤±3%Overload Fx, Fy, Fz≤20%Torsion stiffness682 Nm/°Sensitivity Fx, Fy≈–7.8 pC/NLinearity, each axis≤±0.5 %FSONatural frequency fn(x)≈3.2 kHzNatural frequency fn(y)≈3.2 kHzNatural frequency fn(z)≈12 kHzAxial stiffness1.379 kN/μmBending stiffness625 Nm/°Shear stiffness0.391 kN/μmCapacitance, each channel30 pFGround insulated>10^8 ΩPermissible moment loading Mx, My-23 … 23 NmPermissible moment loading Mz-22 … 22 NmConnecting plugV3 neg.Threshold≤0.01 NOperating temperature range-40 … 120 °COutput signal typeCharge (Piezoelectric, PE)Degree of protection EN 60529IP68Insulation resistance>10^13 ΩWeight0.380 gApplicationsNVH Testing
This triaxial load cell is a piezoelectric force transducer for the exact measurement of all forces on the three orthogonal components acting in an arbitrary direction. Independent of the point of force application, the load cells with the installed triaxial force transducers of the 90x7 family measure all three components of the applied force in highest resolution. The three axis load cells in the 93x7 product family are optimally preloaded, calibrated and immediately ready to measure. The triaxial load cells are mounted under preload between two plates and measure both tensile and compression forces in all directions. Based on the piezoelectric principle, a force produces a proportional electric charge. This is conducted via an electrode to the appropriate connector. The simple and vibration-resistant design of the force transducers is very rigid resulting in a high natural frequency, which is a requirement for highly dynamic force measurements. The 3-pole connector V3 neg. (design protected) is provided with a positioning aid. This guarantees accurate assignment and centering of the connector pins and sockets before connection. The plug connection is protected against rotation. After correct installation, the load cell is ready for use without recalibration. Triaxial force transducers allow simple, direct and very precise measurements.
Connecting cables (TPC black) for triaxial force sensors with V3 neg. connector
Connecting cable for triaxial force sensors, V3 90°, 3 x KIAG 10-32 pos., exit angle 270°, down
Connecting cable for triaxial force sensors, V3 90°, 3 x KIAG 10-32 pos., exit angle 180°, left
Laboratory charge amplifiers, multi-channel, low noise, measuring ranges ±2 to ±2200000 pC, freq. range ≈0 … 200 kHz
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