Instrumented Pole Vault planting box / Z20903

Instrumented Pole Vault planting box
  • Multi-component force plate including mounting frame
  • Measuring range Fy: –5 … 5 kN
  • Dimensions: 1080x600x351 mm
  • Degree of protection: IP65
Preloaded sensorYesMaximum measuring range5 kNOutput signal typeVoltage (Piezoelectric, IEPE)
Measuring range-5 … 5 kNForce sensor typeForce plateApplicationsBiomechanics and life sciences

This piezoelectric multi-component force plate for Pole Vault application comes with integrated electronics for the measurement of the 3 orthogonal force components and the corresponding moments. It its designed as a stiffened regular Pole Vault box with a high natural frequency and equipped with 4 preloaded triaxial force sensors on a solid frame. Integrated electronics with eight 1-channel charge amplifiers with range switching, charge cables and the connector plug.

With the Data Acquisition System Type 5691A1 or Kistler BioWare Type 2812 or control unit Type 5233A2 the force plate can be easily controlled and supplied.