Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Plus / 9843A

Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Plus


This versatile and modular WIM system enables turnkey solutions including the ability of integrating 3rd party products.
  • Scalable to an unlimited number of lanes
  • Based on WIM systems of Types 9841A, 9835A and 9845A
  • Flexible software and hardware solutions
  • Automated vehicle identification and classification
  • Open platform for easy integration of 3rd party devices
  • Includes end user software for pre-selection application
The KiTraffic Plus system (Type 9843) consists of Kistler WIM systems, 3rd party components, associated electronics and superior software modules. Kistler WIM systems can be based on the WIM Data Logger (5204A) and Lineas sensors (9195G or 9196A) or the KiTraffic Digital system (9845A). The WIM Data Logger converts the electric charge signals or digital information from all Lineas sensors into wheel, axle and gross vehicle weights and derives vehicle classification information. The data matching (Data Matcher) software acquires the vehicle data records from the WIM systems and synchronizes them with the datasets from other field devices such as ANPR cameras, overview cameras or dimension profiling systems. The software pre-filters the aggregated vehicle data records and checks parameters for vehicle class-specific violations. The system is fully compatible with the enforcement software solutions Kistler Checkpoint and Kistler Studio.