Top Dead Center (TDC) sensor systems / 2629D

Top Dead Center (TDC) sensor systems


TDC sensor systems enable a high-accuracy, dynamic determination of the top dead centre position in combustion engines.
  • Dynamic TDC measurement
  • Flexible installation adapters
  • Standard voltage signal output
This system uses a capacitive displacement current as the measuring signal, the resulting signal output is a function of the piston movement and thus of the crank angle. The TDC signal amplifier is integrated in the TDC probe. It converts the position-dependent sensor capacitance into a voltage signal. This is connected to the TDC electronics which provides the necessary power supply and signal interfaces (with a maximum distance of up to 10 m). As soon as the engine starts to rotate, a change in the probe capacitance occurs which is inversely proportional to the distance between the TDC probe tip and the piston top. The signal output is normally recorded against crank angle position and then can be evaluated to determine the exact TDC position. This process requires a crank angle encoder and a combustion analysis system (e.g. KiBox) for the purpose of recording and evaluating the TDC signal.