Software for performance analysis MARS / 2875A

Software for performance analysis MARS


MARS (Measurement, Analysis & Reporting Software) is a performance analysis software for power and strength, balance and stability. It comes with extensive and intuitive measuring test modules as well as efficient data management and reporting tools.
  • Very high data accuracy
  • Various analysis modules with advanced automatic event detection and parameter calculation
  • Integrated software guides and tips for test executions
  • Uni- and bilateral analysis
  • Comparison mode to compare athletes or different trials
  • Efficient preparation of reports
  • Numerous export functions
Kistler MARS is a routine diagnostics and research software for Kistler force plates. The "Measurement, Analysis and Reporting Software" (MARS) supports Kistler data acquisition systems of Types 5691A and 5695B as well as the KiJump (Type 9229) and Quattro Jump (Type 9290) systems. It analyzes the acquired force plate signals, calculates a large range of significant parameters, and provides graphical presentations of the measurements. The software is based on a management unit that provides operational functions (add, edit, delete, assign, search, filter) to structure the data (projects, visits and subjects). The data is stored and managed in a database where it is accessible for comparison, dashboard view and reporting which also supports a team member ranking in charts and tables. In addition the data can be exported in different formats (raw signal, signal graph and parameter values). In each of the 25 different measurement modules the data is analysed for relevant output parameters. The input parameters and acquisition setup can be edited for each test separately. The individual software functions are arranged intuitively and easy-to-use. All functions are well supported with extensive help information including how-to examples and with online video trainings on the MARS website.