Servo amplifier IndraDrive C with accessories / 2180A

Servo amplifier IndraDrive C with accessories


The servo amplifier IndraDrive C Type 2180A with acessories is available for NCFC, NCFN, NCFH, NCFR, NCFS und NCFT joining modules. The package consists of the components power section, control unit and firmware.
  • Coordinated complete package with all components
  • Control unit CSB02 NC joining module specifically parameterized
  • SERCOS III connection to maXYmos NC
  • Safe Motion on-board (SMES, SMST2*, SMM1*)
  • Applications up to performance level e (PL e) possible
  • Diagnostics via ethernet
  • *not available at type 2161A
A suitable servo amplifier package is available for every NC joining module. It comprises the following components: a power section with the necessary firmware as well as a parameter set, safety zone box and the required cables. This ensures optimum system performance and at the same time reduces the project planning time required by the application planner for the drive technology to a minimum.