Piezoresistive (PR) differential pressure transmitters for harsh environments / 4264A

Piezoresistive (PR) differential pressure transmitters for harsh environments


The modular high performance pressure transmitters of the 4264A series are characterized by high accuracy and excellent long-term stability, even in harsh environments with high temperature extremes, high vibration and shock loads.
  • Pressure ranges from 0.1 to 10 bar (1.5 to 150 psi)
  • Compensated temperature range: –40 to 120°C (–40 to 250°F)
  • Dynamic pressures up to 2 kHz
  • Accuracy 0.1% FS, stability per year 0.1% FS, proof pressure 300%
  • Wide choice of pressure and electrical connections
  • Electrical output options: mV, V and mA
  • Hazardous area certification available

The piezoresistive differential pressure transmitters of the 4264A series can be used for a variety of applications where static as well as dynamic pressures up to 2 kHz need to be measured. At the core of these pressure sensors is a silicon sensing element mounted within a high integrity seal assembly that is fully isolated from the pressure media by a welded 316L stainless steel diaphragm. The pressure to be measured acts on the sensor’s diaphragm and is transferred through incompressible silicone oil to a micro machined silicon strain gauge configured as a Wheatstone bridge. The advantages of silicon compared with metal-based strain gauge pressure sensors are higher sensitivity, better repeatability, higher signal to noise ratio, higher overload and a significantly higher long-term stability. The pressure sensing assembly features a unique sealing method (US Patent 7,373,827) that enables the sensor to withstand multiple cycles without fatigue. This design also enables flexibility in choice of pressure connections without the use of adaptors or o-rings. Built-in electronics condition the output from the silicon sensing element, provide for temperature compensation, EMC protection, reverse polarity, power supply regulation, over voltage, short circuit protection and configure the electrical output for a wide choice of voltage or mA outputs. Finally, every Type 4264A transmitter is fully tested over both pressure and temperature to ensure compliance to the specifications. This data is available for each sensor and is traceable to ISO 17025 and NIST.

Please use the web configurator at www.kistler.com/prt to construct your valid 16-digit type number transmitter and to download the corresponding CAD model.

Piezoresistive (PR) differential (wet/dry type) pressure transmitter for harsh environments
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