Non-contact optical sensors Correvit S-Motion DTI, standard / 2055A

Non-contact optical sensors Correvit S-Motion DTI, standard


The optical sensors Correvit S-Motion DTI enable direct, slip-free measurement of longitudinal and transverse speed as well as side-slip angle in vehicle driving dynamics tests.
  • Reduced signal noise of speed and slip angle
  • Low signal delay of 6 ms
  • Conversion of measurands to any point of the vehicle
  • Capable of detecting driving direction – forward or backward
  • Low adjustment effort at the vehicle, shorter setup time, no running-in procedure
  • Optional: high-resolution variants with improved optical resolution
Correvit S-Motion DTI sensors use the proven Correvit technology. A new algorithm significantly reduces the signal noise. This algorithm and the high measurement frequency of 500 Hz enable a minimal signal delay of 6 ms. A built-in 5 Hz GPS receiver enables determination of position data and time. The external magnetic antenna allows flexible and quick mounting on the vehicle. Integrated accelerometers enable the determination of additional measurands like longitudinal and transverse acceleration of the vehicle. Integrated angular rate sensors enable measurement of the pitch and roll angle as well as the rotation around the vertical axis of the vehicle. Moreover, further signals such as leveled acceleration or curve radius are already calculated inside the sensor. A conversion of speed to any point of the vehicle, e.g. center of gravity or rear axis is possible. The output of these additional signals provides the option to perform a large number of measurands required for driving dynamics standard tests. This simplifies the instrumentation of the vehicle and minimizes application errors.
Non-contact optical sensor Correvit S-Motion DTI, standard