Multicomponent dynamometers, maximum forces up to 500 N, cover plate 30x30 mm / 9109A

Multicomponent dynamometers, maximum forces up to 500 N, cover plate 30x30 mm


These piezoelectric multicomponent dynamometers are for measuring the three orthogonal components Fx, Fy and Fz of a force and the torque Mz.
  • Very compact design
  • Patented sensor arrangement
  • High sensitivity and natural frequency
  • Reduced influence of temperature through compensation
  • Cover plate made of hard-anodized lightweight material
  • For cutting force measurements in micro-machining
  • For general multicomponent force measurements
The dynamometers consist of four, three-component force sensors which are mounted under high pretension between the cover plate and the four lateral assembly elements. Thanks to this special mounting of the sensors, temperature influences can be partially compensated for and the influence of the temperature thereby minimized. The force measurement of the sensors is based on the piezoelectric principle. The application of a force causes the crystal rings installed in the sensor, one crystal ring for each of the force components that is to be measured, to release a charge that is proportional to this force. The charge signals of the four installed force sensors are internally connected and output by a 9-pin flange socket. In addition to the direct measurement of the three force components, an indirect measurement of the torque Mz is possible through an appropriate calculation. The sensors are mounted ground-isolated (dry state). Ground-loop problems can thereby be largely avoided. The dynamometers are corrosion resistant and protected against the penetration of cooling lubricant. Together with the eight-pin connecting cable Type 1677A5, Type 1677AQ02 or Type 1679A5, the dynamometers are protected against the penetration of dust and liquids according to degree of protection IP67.