Multicomponent dynamometers, maximum forces up to 30 kN, cover plate 140x190 mm / 9139A

Multicomponent dynamometers, maximum forces up to 30 kN, cover plate 140x190 mm


These piezoelectric multicomponent dynamometers are for measuring the three orthogonal components Fx, Fy and Fz of a force.
  • Wide measuring range
  • Patented and largely temperature-compensated design
  • Compact and very robust design
  • High natural frequency
By using piezoelectric force sensors, these dynamometers not only measures large forces, but can also accurately measure small forces in the Newton range. The high natural frequency and the high sensitivity of piezoelectric sensors permit the acquisition of high-quality measuring signals of very dynamic processes in machining or in general force measurement applications. The dynamometers consists of four three-component force sensors mounted under high preload between the cover plate and the two lateral base plates. A low temperature error is obtained by this special mounting of the sensors. Each force sensor contains three crystal rings, of which one is sensitive to pressure in the y-direction and the two others to shear in the x- and z-directions. The forces are measured practically without displacement. The outputs of the four mounted force sensors are fed to the 9-pole flanged socket. There are also multicomponent force-moment measurements possible. The four sensors are fitted so that they are ground-isolated. This largely eliminates ground loop problems. The dynamometers are corrosion-resistant and protected against penetration by splashing water or cutting fluid. The dynamometers including connecting cable Type 1687B5 or Type 1677A5 meet the degree of protection IP67.