Laboratory Piezotron (IEPE) couplers for battery and mains operation, 1-channel / 5118B

Laboratory Piezotron (IEPE) couplers for battery and mains operation, 1-channel


This 1-channel laboratory Piezotron (IEPE) coupler can be operated either with batteries or an AC power supply and is suitable for the operation of Piezotron (IEPE) sensors.
  • Powered by built-in batteries, AC power supply, or any DC voltage source
  • Bias voltage indicator via LEDs (ok, short circuit, interruption)
  • Switchable gain and high-pass filters
  • Plug-in type low-pass filters
The Type 5118B is a single-channel Piezotron (IEPE) coupler that provides the constant current excitation required by low impedance, voltage mode sensors with built-in electronics (Piezotron (IEPE) sensors). Sensor power is supplied by the same two-wire cable that provides the low impedance output signal. The Type 5118B decouples the DC bias voltage from the output signal and provides a 2 mA constant current source. Bias indicators display the condition of the sensor and cable (ok, short circuit, interruption). Amplifier gains of 1x, 10x and 100x are selectable from a front panel switch. High-pass filter cut-off frequencies (–3 dB) 0.006 and 0.03 Hz are also selectable by a switch on the front panel. Plug-in type low-pass filters are available to limit the frequency response of the amplifier. These low-pass filters can be used to attenuate unwanted frequency and/or to improve signal-to-noise ratio. The Type 5118B Piezotron (IEPE) coupler transmits an audible low battery warning with an intermit tent chirping sound. Battery life lasts approximately 12 hours at a sensor current of 2 mA. Coupler power can be provided from three sources: four AA 1.5 V batteries, AC-operated from a power line adaptor, or a regulated DC source from 6 to 28 VDC.