Weigh In Motion solutions from Kistler enable highly efficient direct weight enforcement and bridge protection.

Weight enforcement with Weigh In Motion WIM

The world's system integrators opt for WIM solutions from Kistler to install enforcement systems that protect sensitive infrastructure such as bridges. As a leading Weigh In Motion (WIM) provider, we supply modular systems for efficient, direct weight enforcement. Thanks to advantages such as very high accuracy (up to 2.5% of GVW) and simple integration, operators can rely on our solutions to protect roads as well as road users.

Protect infrastructure and make roads safer with Weigh In Motion: easy-to-integrate WIM systems ensure long lifetimes

Reliable and efficient weight enforcement

Our WIM systems keep on measuring for many years with virtually no maintenance – and always with absolute accuracy. Overloaded vehicles can be detected on any number of traffic lanes, so violations can be penalized directly.

Weigh In Motion: certified to OIML R 134

WIM systems from Kistler weigh vehicles with proven accuracy, in compliance with the globally recognized OIML standard – precision that you can always rely on.

Flexible integration, networking, and data consistency

Our measuring chains for Weigh In Motion consist of Lineas quartz sensors and WIM Data Loggers. They can be integrated flexibly into system architectures anywhere in the world, and they can be networked efficiently with other solutions.

Advantages of Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems for direct weight enforcement:

  • Reliable weighing of vehicles at any speed with accuracy of up to 2.5% GVW
  • Unique quartz technology for outstanding stability combined with long sensor lifetimes
  • Modular integration into existing enforcement systems, simple networking – plus data consistency
  • Certified to OIML R 134 to weigh vehicles traveling at speeds from 5 to 140 km/h
  • Compliant with the COST 323 and ASTM E1318-09 standards
Weigh In Motion from Kistler: the direct weight enforcement solution based on tried-and-tested Lineas quartz sensors.

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