Industrial truck weighing: being able to weigh a large number of trucks in a short time is key at industrial sites.

Weighing and billing by weight with Weigh In Motion (WIM)

Solutions for ports and industrial facilities

What is the efficient method of weighing trucks and commercial vehicles at industrial facilities such as ports, mines and concrete plants? Weigh In Motion by Kistler! The practical way to reach new levels of efficiency when invoicing goods, checking axle loads and measuring overall weights – as vehicles drive by!

Measure truck weights automatically at ports and industrial facilities – save time and costs on processing with Weigh In Motion!

Weigh In Motion certified to OIML R134

Our WIM systems weigh vehicles with proven accuracy, in compliance with the recognized metrology standard – precision that you can always rely on.

Fast installation, maintenance-free operation

Maintenance-free WIM systems from Kistler, based on Lineas quartz sensors, are usually installed within one day – and they go on to deliver reliable measurements for many years.

Can be combined flexibly with other systems

Weigh In Motion – and more: extend your WIM solution by adding components such as RFID transmitters or LNR cameras for numberplate recognition – plenty of scope for flexible combinations.

Advantages of using Weigh In Motion for industrial weighing:

  • Cutting-edge quartz measurement technology with very high precision
  • OIML R134-certified for legally compliant weighing
  • Fast installation with minimum interruption to operations
  • Maintenance-free – even with continuous long-term operation
  • Sealed and fully embedded sensors
  • Can be combined flexibly with components such as RFID transmitters or LPR cameras

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