Kistler offers advanced measurement technology for ground and flight testing of UAVs, drones and eVTOL aircraft.

Advanced testing for eVTOL aircraft, UAVs and drones

On the ground and in flight

Based on 60 years of experience in aerospace, Kistler offers a wide range of application specific sensors and piezoelectric measuring chains for eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft, drone and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) testing: from R&D over certification to operations.

60+ years in Aerospace industry


Measuring chains for eVTOL aircraft and drone testing


Know-how and application expertice


Ground and flight testing and monitoring solutions for Advance Air Mobility

Benefit from our decades of experience in aerospace applications to successfully meet your ground and flight testing requirements. We offer dedicated know-how and technology through the entire design cycle – from prototype R&D to zero defect assembly and manufacturing.

Advanced air mobility & urban air mobility measurements and testing

  • Electric propulsion system vibration measurements and monitoring 
  • Electric propulsion system reaction forces and moments 
  • Electric motor testing (torque-speed efficiency) 
  • Thrust and torque measurements 
  • Battery thermal runaway testing 
  • Structural health monitoring 
  • Structural analysis and optimization 
  • Payload stability 
  • Impact testing 
  • Qualification of safety critical components 
  • Landing structure and gear testing 
  • Production monitoring: zero-defect production with full process traceability 
  • Data management and big data analysis

Accelerometers for eVTOL aircraft and drones: vibration testing and modal analysis


Optimize eVTOL aircraft and drone performance with our advanced accelerometers. Delivering precise measurements for demanding requirements, acceleration sensors from Kistler ensure safe operations, identify structural issues, and maximize efficiency. Stay ahead with our state-of-the-art measuring chains and rely on tried-and-tested technology for aerospace applications!

Electric propulsion system reaction forces and moments


Vibration payload stability


Structural health monitoring, analysis and optimization


AS9100 Rev. D certified facility in Buffalo, US


Force sensors for testing of reaction forces and moments

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Enhance eVTOL aircraft and drone performance with our high-precision force sensors. Analyze and optimize stability, control and maneuverability, ensuring seamless operations. Benefit from our piezoelectric force sensors and dynamometers being first choice for quasi-static and dynamic measurements also of multiple simultaneous force components.

Electric propulsion system reaction forces and moments


Qualification of safety critical components


Precise track of quasi-static and highly dynamic force processes


Simultaneous measurements of multiple force components


Electric motor and torque-speed-efficiency testing

Torque sensors guarantee precise definition of the power and friction values of drives, transmissions and pumps. 

Our high-precision measurement technology helps to evaluate torque, speed and efficiency, optimizing motor performance. Identify improvements, fine-tune control systems and achieve longer flight times and reduced energy consumption. Boost your aircraft reliability and performance with our application-specific testing solutions!

Dual range sensors with 2 separately calibrated torque measuring ranges


Electric motor testing (torque-speed-efficiency)


Thrust and torque measurements


Torque, speed and angle of rotation measurements


Pressure sensors for battery thermal runaway and high-temperature testing

Kistler offers an optical measurement system for temperature monitoring of the high-voltage powertrain and battery.

Ensure the safety and reliability of battery systems with our pressure sensors suited for this application. These advanced sensors provide accurate measurements for an efficient monitoring of pressure changes under critical conditions. Rely on our tried-and-tested solutions to achieve maximum safety and performance in battery applications!

Battery testing - thermal runaway, vibration test, high temperatures


Dynamic and static pressure measurements


High-temperature capability up to 1000°C


Data acquisition and software for data visualization and management

'Data acquisition systems and analysis software like KiDAQ and jBEAM from Kistler offer many options for signal processing.

Unlock the full potential of your data with our advanced data acquisition (DAQ) and software solutions. The KiDAQ data acquisition system features a modular design, giving you the flexibility to expand your solution as you wish. This innovative DAQ system can process more than 20 different analog and digital signal types. Combined with our advanced software solutions, we enable you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Interactive analysis and visualization functions in jBEAM


Intuitive KiStudio Lab software – quick and easy to configure


Measure more than 20 different analog and digital types with one DAQ



Kistler is your partner to support this certification process as well as the operational monitoring with the following technologies:

  • Application specific accelerometer technologies (piezoelectric, PiezoStar IEPE and MEMS capacitive)
  • Single and multi-component force sensors and dynamometers
  • Small and low weight modal accelerometers with different measurement ranges (5g, 10g, 50g)
  • Ceramic-based sensors with repeatable low and high frequency response
  • Easy test handling thanks to TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • Flexible and comprehensive signal conditioning, DAQ and software solutions
  • Vast experience in aviation thanks to long-term partnership with global aircraft industry

UAV, drone and small eVTOL aircraft testing portfolio:

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