Measurement technology for traffic and transportation sector from Kistler helps improves road and rail safety.

Traffic and transportation

Measurement technology for transportation and traffic engineering

Without road and rail traffic, the global economy would grind to a halt. Measurement solutions from Kistler for transportation and traffic engineering such as our Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems keep vehicles moving safely on roads and railways across the globe; they protect costly infrastructure and help to reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths.

Measurement solutions enhancing road safety

Key applications in our portfolio, backed by 20 years of experience, include traffic data collection, automated weight control, automated tire-screening, weight-based tolling, industrial truck weighing, commercial vehicle enforcement, bridge monitoring and protection systems. Additionally, we offer mobile and stationary speed enforcement solutions.

Measurement solutions enhancing rail safety

We offer rail WIM systems, brake force and acceleration measurement solutions as well as dynamic brake testing and speed testing solutions.

Full-service packages tailored to individual user needs are part of each offering.

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