TEDS - Transducer Electronic Data Sheet

What is TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)?

TEDS is an electronic data sheet based on the IEEE 1451 standard. The aim of this standard is to define a uniform interface for sensors and actuators, of which TEDS is an important element.

'Sensors with integrated TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) facilitate signal conditioning combined with DAQ systems.
Sensors with integrated TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet), PiezoSmart from Kistler, in interaction with signal conditioning/data acquisition (DAQ) systems.

Important information about the sensor, such as manufacturer, identification data, type designation, calibration data, and other sensor parameters are stored directly on a memory module, typically an EEPROM, on the sensor. If a sensor with this built-in TEDS memory is connected to a data acquisition system that can read out TEDS data, this data is immediately available to the user – plug and play. The manual input of sensor parameters (e.g. sensitivities) is no longer necessary, hence a potential source of error can be eliminated. TEDS sensors are particularly useful when, for example, a large number of sensors are required during testing, e.g. for modal analysis, NVH analysis, or ground vibration tests.

There are several TEDS templates on the market. A good overview of these templates can be found in this compilation.

TEDS in Pressure Sensors

Piezoelectric pressure sensors carrying the name PiezoSmart contain the TEDS component in the amplifier-side connector of the sensor cable. The pressure sensor and the connecting cable with TEDS form a physical, easy-to-install unit. The unambiguous and reliable assignment of the sensor data in the test environment is guaranteed.

In combination with an SCP (Signal Conditioning Platform), PiezoSmart reduces the preparation work, enables more flexibility, and thus increases process reliability.

TEDS in Accelerometers

Many accelerometers are equipped with the TEDS device to take advantage of the benefits described above. Since accelerometers are used in large numbers in many test setups, the advantages of TEDS are particularly noticeable. 

Since, as described, various templates are used in the market, the customer must select the desired template during the ordering process. The data sheets of accelerometers provide information about the available templates. This ensures a simple and problem-free integration of the TEDS acceleration sensors.