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Rolling stock maintenance and testing: brake force measurements and dynamic brake tests

Kistler delivers complete brake force measurement and dynamic brake testing solutions for rail vehicles and rolling stock.

Braking systems are critical components of rail vehicles, and they require regular testing and inspection both in the development phase and during operation. We draw on decades of experience in the rail engineering sector to offer you application-specific sensors and complete measurement solutions – your guarantee of efficient processes for maintenance, commissioning and development. Put your trust in precise, reliable brake testing – with Kistler.

Brake force measurement

Regular braking capacity tests on rail vehicles are required by law, and they play an important part in maintenance. Our brake force measuring elements are based on piezoelectric force sensors: your key to efficient and reproducible testing directly on the wheel – for both shoe and disk brakes, with forces of up to 60 kN. As well as providing proof of the vehicle's safety, the data you obtain allows you to implement predictive maintenance: that means you also benefit from higher availability of all your rolling stock.

Dynamic brake testing

Optical Correvit sensors from Kistler deliver precise and entirely contact-free measurements of speed, braking distance and acceleration of rail vehicles. Dynamic rolling stock maintenance and testing are standard-compliant and independent processes that can be performed on all relevant surfaces (ballast, asphalt or rail head, etc.) at speeds of up to 250 km/h. The system is simple to install; it offers a comfortable user experience thanks to DTI technology, and can be expanded by adding sensor technology for comprehensive vehicle dynamics testing.

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