Piezoelectric force sensor

What is a piezoelectric force sensor?

The piezoelectric force sensor, also known as a load washer or measurement washer, is the classic piezoelectric measurement element for the measurement of force along a single axis. It describes either a compression or tensile force Fz or a shear force Fx,y. 

How are piezoelectric force sensors used?

Piezoelectric force sensors are normally integrated at the measuring point directly in the force flux of the existing structure and installed and calibrated with the required pretension.

Pretensioned piezoelectric force sensors or force transducers are immediately ready to perform measurements and are delivered calibrated. They can be used to measure compression and tensile forces.

Piezoelectric force sensors are used in various applications, for example, in mounting technology, in spotwelding or in presses, during the measurement of impact resistance, cutting forces and forming forces or in force plates, Weigh In Motion systems and in crash-test setups.

What advantages do 1-component force sensors offer?

  • High stiffness and, as a result, high natural frequency
  • High loading capacity
  • Durability at high cyclic loading
  • Large measuring range
  • Extremely compact design