Wheel force transducer RoaDyn S625sp / RoaDyn S625 sp CFRP

The RoaDyn S625 sp wheel force transducer is a six-axis measuring hub for forces and moments in passenger car tests.
RoaDyn S625 sp CFRP
  • Wheel force transducer for light cars
  • For spinning applications
  • Wheel forces measuring ranges Fx, Fz: ±20 kN, Fy: ±15 kN
  • Moments measuring ranges Mx, My, Mz: ±4 kN
ApplicationsNVH Testing, Vehicle durability testing, Tire testing
The wheel force transducer RoaDyn S625 is for measuring wheel forces (up to 20 kN) and moments (up to 4 kNm), for use with spinning wheels on test tracks, which is used for vehicle dynamics research, tire testing and capturing road load data for virtual and experimental simulation.