User knowledge torque wrenches - basics and calibration, language: DE, in-house / User knowledge torque wrenches (ID)

Test and measurement solutions for industrial fastening technology ensure the reliability of bolted joints and torque tools.
User knowledge torque wrenches (ID)
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This one-day seminar is intended for torque wrench users. Precise screw connections with correct torque are an integral part of modern fastening technology. Whether in the medical field, in the automotive industry or in wind turbines - torque wrenches are used everywhere Learn to understand the torque wrench as a measuring tool. You will receive tips on the correct application an overview of what is behind the screw specifications. Learn from an insight and understand of a calibration process which numerous error influences can occur with / without a torque wrench.

Seminar content

  • Normative references (ISO 9001, IATF16949, DIN EN 6789:2017 and others, if applicable)
  • Theoretical basics of torque
  • Theoretical basics of fastening technology
  • Torque wrench types
  • Application examples, handling instructions
  • Information about calibration / calibration certificate, traceability of the wrench

Application of basic metrological knowledge concerning torque wrenches in daily work.

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