Stationary testing device cerTEST stationary for torque tools / 5413-5392/

Stationary testing device cerTEST stationary for torque tools
  • Stationary testing device for compliant testing of nutrunners up to 500 Nm
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic joint hardness simulators
  • Testing of the torque and rotational speed behavior of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric nutrunners
  • Torque testing of torque wrenches and impulse power tools
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On request
Operation and installation
Torque tool testing and calibration
In its basic version, the testing device consists of a base unit with wraparound casing, which holds the hybrid joint simulators, the electronic measurement and control system and a hydraulic unit. On the work surface of the testing device, up to five different joint simulators can be positioned side by side for testing the torque tools. The torque tools to be tested are coupled to the joint simulators via square adapters as specified in DIN 3121. The joint simulators with built-in torque and angle sensors and the hydraulic brake system enable an exact simulation of the joint hardnesses that occur in real-world situations as well those required for testing to ensure compliance with standards. This allows rotating torque tools to be tested consecutively in different joint simulations as often as required and the gathered data to be documented. The optional spindle holder is a mechanical holder for built-in spindles that can be tested on the testing device. The spindle can be adapted to the specific joint simulator using the horizontal sliding cradle and the vertically adjustable spindle holder.
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