Reference pressure sensor, M10 concial seal, max 8000 bar (116000 psi), linearity 0.3 percent / 6963A8000

  • Reference sensor for calibration of piezoelectric pressure sensors
  • Very good linearity of 0.3%
  • Traceable calibration (ISO 17025)
  • Designed to optimize stability and reliability
Maximum measuring range8000 barMinimal operating temperature20 °CMaximal operating temperature30 °COverload (bar)10000 barSensitivity-1.2 pC/barOperating temperature range20 … 30 °CLinearity<0.3 %FSOOutput signal typeCharge (Piezoelectric, PE)Weight685Tightening torque10 Nm
The Kistler reference pressure sensor Type 6963A8000 is ideally suited as a working standard for calibration of piezoelectric pressure sensors. Large adapters minimize the effects of mounting sensibility and thermal transient (e.g. due to touching the sensor). This reference sensor provides excellent linearity to ensure precise calibrations.