Preloading set for triaxial force sensors of Types 9067C, 9068C and 9066C4 / 9451A

  • For triaxial force sensors 9067C, 9068C and 9066C4
  • Bolt thread M20x1.5, length: 78 mm
  • Max. preloading force: 155 kN
These standardized pretensioning elements are used for mounting triaxial force sensors as well as uniaxial ring force transducers. The standardized pretensioning set for uniaxial and triaxial force sensors contains everything necessary for optimal installation: bolt, ring nut, centering ring and where necessary a sliding disk. For very high preload forces which can not be imposed using a wrench, the two sets 9455S and 9456S offer a special superbolt tension nut. This allows enormously high forces to be applied with a simple hexagon torque wrench.