Preloading set for piezoelectric force sensors of Types 9011C and 9101C / 9422A11

  • Pretensioning element set for force sensors 9011C and 9101C
  • Bolt thread M5x0.8, length: 25 mm
  • Max. preloading force: 6 kN
  • Shunt: approx. 8%
Shunt≈8 %Thread diameterM5Tightening torque (per 1kN pretension)0.83 Nm/kN
Standardized pretensioning elements Type 9422A11 for the installation of piezoelectric force transducers of Types 9011 and 9101. These preloading elements consist of an optimized socket head cap pretensioning screw and a centering sleeve. Further accessories, such as electrically insulating washers or force distributing rings, are available separately. The pretensioning screw is used to preload a ring force transducer for optimized force application in the recommended measuring range. When installed correctly, the piezoelectric force sensor provides precise results with high repeat accuracy. In practice, the sensors are mechanically preloaded during installation.