Piezoelectric shear force sensor SlimLine, ring force transducer (Fy ±0.9 kN / ±202 lbf) / 9143B21

  • Piezoelectric shear force sensor SlimLine with a measuring range of Fy: –0.9 ... 0.9 kN
  • Dimensions DxdxH: 16x6.1x3.5 mm
  • Connector: KIAG 10-32 pos.
  • Cable length: 2 m
Preloaded sensorNoMeasuring range-0.9 … 0.9 kNMaximum measuring range0.9 kNForce sensor typeShear force sensorMeasuring range Fy0 … 0.9 kNOverload Fy1.1 kNAxial rigidity≈2.5 kN/μmInsulation resistance≥10^13 ΩAxial pretensioning force9 kNSensitivity–6.5 pC/NOperating temperature range-20 … 120 °CLinearity≤±1 %FSOOutput signal typeCharge (Piezoelectric, PE)Degree of protection EN 60529IP65Cable length2 mWeight3 gApplicationsNVH Testing
Piezoelectric force sensor with extremely flat design for measuring dynamic and quasistatic shear forces in one direction. These very compact ring force transducers come with maximum resolution, high rigidity and extremely small dimensions – ideal for installation in structures. Welded construction with integrated connecting cable sealed in the case and with a selection of plug connectors. SlimLine sensors are supplied uncalibrated and must be calibrated in situ after installation.These piezoelectric force sensors contain two quartz elements sensitive to shear force in one direction. The force to be measured is transmitted by stiction to the quartz elements which produce an electrical charge directly proportional to the force applied. The cable connection to the ring force transducer case is tightly sealed to provide an IP65 degree of protection.
Laboratory charge amplifiers, multi-channel, low noise, measuring ranges ±2 to ±2200000 pC, freq. range ≈0 … 200 kHz
Laboratory charge amplifier, multi-channel, low noise, measuring ranges from ±2 to ±2200000 pC