Piezoelectric load cell for tensile (-) and compression forces (+) (Fz -16 ... 60 kN / -3.6 ... 13.49 klbf) / 9176C

Piezoelectric load cell for tensile (-) and compression forces (+) (Fz -16 ... 60 kN / -3.6 ... 13.49 klbf)
  • Piezoelectric load cell SlimLine with a measuring range of Fz: -16 ... 60 kN (-3.6 ... 13.49 klbf)
  • Dimensions D x H: 32 x 34 mm, outside screw thread: M24x2
  • Cable length: 0.3 m
  • Coupling Type 1729A2 included
Preloaded sensorYesMeasuring range-16 … 60 kNMaximum measuring range60 kNForce sensor typeSingle axis force sensorGround isolation≥100 MΩCalibrated range0 … 60 kNRange: Tensile (-) and compression (+)-16 … 60 kNTypical calibration interval (dependant on installation and application)1 yearsMaximum bending moment Fz = 070 NmTemperature coefficient–0.02 %/°CInsulation resistance≥10^13 Ωhex1 or WAF28hex2 or WAF30Overload–18/70 kNSensitivity≈–3.5 pC/NThreshold≤0.02 NOperating temperature range-20 … 80 °CLinearity±1 %FSOOutput signal typeCharge (Piezoelectric, PE)Cable length0.3 m
This piezoelectric load cell, also known as piezoelectric force transducer, is a preloaded and calibrated force sensor which is delivered ready for mounting and measurement of both tensile and compression forces. The integrated cable is protected by a fluoroelastomer sheath. SlimLine load cells are easy to install and are immediately ready for measurements. The preloaded piezoelectric load cell can measure both tensile and compression forces and produces an electric charge that is directly proportional to the applied force. It is converted to a proportional voltage by the charge amplifier, to be connected downstream (e.g., Kistler Type 5074A), and can be processed further as desired. The SlimLine force transducers are ground-isolated, thereby largely avoiding problems with ground loops.
Laboratory charge amplifiers, multi-channel, low noise, measuring ranges ±2 to ±2200000 pC, freq. range ≈0 … 200 kHz
Laboratory charge amplifier, multi-channel, low noise, measuring ranges from ±2 to ±2200000 pC