Piezoelectric force sensor, ring force transducer (Fz 15 kN / 3.37 klbf) / 9011C

Piezoelectric force sensor, ring force transducer (Fz 15 kN / 3.37 klbf)
  • Piezoelectric force sensor with a measuring range of Fz: 0 ... 15 kN (3.37 klbf)
  • Calibrated ranges 0 ... 12 kN and 0 ... 1.2 kN
  • Dimensions D x d x H: 14.5 x 6.5 x 8 mm
  • Included accessory: Preloading Set Type 9422A11
Upon request
On request
Measuring ranges
Minimum measuring range [kN]
0 kN
Maximum measuring range [kN]
15 kN
Calibrated range Fz [kN]
0 … 12 kN
Calibrated range 2
0 … 1.2 kN
Calibration preload
3 kN
Product type
Force sensor type
A dynamometer is a force plate measuring forces and moments.
Single axis force sensor
Preloaded sensor
Preloaded sensors are already calibrated and therefore ready-to-use. Non-preloaded sensors are smaller.
Mechanical properties
Load limit
21 kN
Axial stiffness
1.6 kN/μm
Bending stiffness
0.9 kN·m/°
Shear stiffness
0.4 kN/μm
Torsional stiffness
0.39 kN·m/°
Lateral stiffness
0.31 kN/μm
Maximum bending moment (Fz=0 N)
15 N·m
Metrological characteristics
Linearity represents the maximum deviation/error between ideal and actual output signal characteristics in relation to the measurand in a specific measuring range. It is expressed in percentage of the range of measurement signal (Full Scale Output).
±0.5 %FSO
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Charge (Piezoelectric, PE)
17 pF
Minimal insulation resistance
10^12 Ω
Influence quantities
–4.4±0.2 pC/N
Temperature sensitivity, sensitivity change (-70°C … 200°C, Tref = 25°C)
±2.5 %
Dynamical properties
Natural frequency
120 kHz
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Operating temperature range
-70 … 200 °C
NVH testing, 3C electronics manufacturing
Cable properties
Cable included
No cable included
Connector type
10-32 UNF (negative)
Dimensions and materials
Sensor material, cover plate
Sensor material, coat
7 g
Piezoelectric force sensor, also known as piezoelectric ring force transducer, for precise measurement of tensile and compressive forces in highest resolution.This piezoelectric (PE) force sensor of the 90x1 series measures forces in the z-direction. The ring force transducer contains a quartz sensor element which measures the force directly transferred through the cover and base of the tightly welded steel case. When subjected to a mechanical load, quartz produces an electric charge that is proportional to that load. An outstanding property of quartz is the very low threshold and, thus, a high sensor sensitivity that remains extremely linear over the entire measuring range. Thus the behaviour in a certain measuring range is practically identical for all PE sensors, independent of their size.
Data sheet
Piezoelectric Force Sensors, Ring Force Transducers
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