Measuring amplifier for strain gauge sensors, cable bushing, analog output 0 ... ±10 V / 4701A10A

  • Measuring amplifier with strain gauge input: 1.5 mV/V, full bridge
  • Analog output: 0 ... ±10 V
  • Measuring deviation: 0.1% FS
  • Degree of protection: IP54
Gain adjustment range±10 %Input (string)1.5 mV/VNominal temperature range10 … 40 °COptionsCalibration together with sensor or adjustment of customized sensitvityOutput (range)0,±10 VPower Supply24 VDC non-stabilized (±10 %)Zero signal adjustment range±10 %Degree of protection EN 60529IP40 (with plug connectors), IP54 (with cable bushings)