Interface library DataServer for force plates / 2873A

Interface library DataServer for force plates
  • Takes full advantage of force plate performance
  • DataServer API (dataserver.dll)
  • Interface Library
  • Microsoft Component Object Model (COM)
Upon request
On request
Product type
Product type
Operation and installation
Biomechanics and life sciences
BioWare is a very versatile, easy to use Windows software specially designed to work with Kistler force plates in the various fields of biomechanics: biomechanics research, gait analysis (rehabilitation, orthopaedics, prosthetics), sports (jump force, impact, training), neurology (posturography, balance, microvibrations), ergonomics and industry (shoe development, material testing, safety, loading). Together with Kistler force plates, ground reaction forces and other analog data can easily be acquired, processed and saved. The DataServer Interface Library (DataServer.dll) is a Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) in-process server. COM is a software architecture that allows applications to be built from binary software components. COM ensures the interoperability of the components across many software development languages (C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc.) by providing a binary standard for component development.
Software application
DataServer (
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