IEPE accelerometer, orientable, ceramic shear, 50 g, 10-32 coaxial connector, with IP68 integral cable / 8775A050SP

Piezoelectric accelerometer with waterproof cable for underwater applications.
  • Ceramic shear orientable accelerometer with IEPE output
  • Acceleration range: ±50 g
  • 10-32 coaxial connector
  • IP68 integral cable
Upon request
On request
Measuring ranges
Maximum measuring range [g]
Maximum acceleration value you want to measure.
50 g
Product type
Number of Axes
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Voltage (Piezoelectric, IEPE)
Electrical isolation
Ground isolation
Influence quantities
Sensitivity for Voltage and IEPE Output
100 mV/g
Dynamical properties
Minimum frequency (±5%) [Hz]
0.5 Hz
Maximum frequency (±5%) [Hz]
7000 Hz
Operation and installation
Minimal operating temperature [°C]
Minimal static operating temperature.
-54 °C
Maximum operating temperature [°C]
Maximum static operating temperature.
100 °C
Mounting type
Adhesive / Wax, Mounting block
3C electronics manufacturing
Orientable accelerometer with a 50 g range, 10-32 coaxial connector, and an IP68 waterproof integral cable.
Data sheet
Ceramic Shear Accelerometer (Low Impedance, Voltage Mode)
2.3 MB
PDF, 2.3 MB