Horizontal mechanical unit for ANALYSE system, base frame / 5413-4504/

  • Mechanical unit with standard torque range up to 1000 Nm
  • Coefficient of friction tests in the standard range up to thread sizes of approx. M24
  • Test of the prevailing torque of nuts with clamping element
  • Horizontal structure ensures easy, barrier-free access to the test item
ApplicationsBolted joints analysis
The base frame of the horizontal mechanical fixture is constructed as a ladder-type frame with aluminum profiles, which supports a steel base plate with high torsional stiffness. A slide for the exchangeable clamping force / thread torque sensor runs on two flat guides on the steel base plate, enabling a variable distance between the drive with the torque / angle of rotation sensor and the clamping force / thread torque sensor. The slide is moved manually by means of a handle and can be manually locked after the test item has been inserted.