High quality preloading set for piezoelectric force sensors of Types 9031C and 9103C / 9420A31

  • Pretensioning element set for force sensors 9031C and 9103C
  • Bolt thread M10x1.0, length: 46 mm
  • Max. preloading force: 40 kN
  • Shunt: approx. 9%
Inner Ø sensor13 mmPretension bolt L length46 mmPretension bolt threadM10x1Shunt≈9 %
These standardized pretensioning elements are used for mounting piezoelectric ring force transducers of Type 90x1C and 910xC. A set of pretensioning elements consists of a pretensioning bolt (PB, high strength, stainless steel of the mold), a centering sleeve (CS), two insulating washers (IW) and a hexagon nut (HN). These accessories are also separately available on request. It is recommended to preload piezo force sensors with at least 20% of their nominal force to increase the accuracy. In addition, the expected tensile and lateral forces have a decisive influence on the specification of the pretension force. Details can be found in the data sheet and the manual of the corresponding sensor.