High pressure sensor, M10 front-sealing, max 6000 bar (87000 psi), AEP-97 incl. mounting accessory / 6215A1

The piezoelectric high-pressure sensors 6215 are designed for precise high-pressure measurements at high speeds, up to 6,000 bar (87,000 psi).
  • Piezoelectric pressure sensor for high speed events
  • Measurement range: 0 … 6000 bar (0 … 87000 psi)
  • Listed in AEP-97
  • Mounting accessories included (type 1327, 1353, 1300A25 + 1373A1)
Upon request
On request
Measuring ranges
Maximum measuring range [bar]
Maximum pressure value you want to measure.
6000 bar
Calibrated pressure range at room temperature [bar]
0 … 6000 bar
Product type
Pressure sensor type
Universal dynamic Pressure
Electrical properties
Minimal insulation resistance
10^13 Ω
Influence quantities
–1.4 pC/bar
Temperature coefficient of sensitivity
±0.02 %/°C
Axial acceleration sensitivity
0.002 bar/g
Radial acceleration sensitivity
0.002 bar/g
Transverse acceleration sensitivity
<0.005 bar/g
Dynamical properties
Natural frequency
240 kHz
Rise time
1 μs
Operation and installation
Operating temperature range
-50 … 200 °C
Minimal operating temperature [°C]
Minimal static operating temperature.
-50 °C
Maximum operating temperature [°C]
Maximum static operating temperature.
200 °C
Tightening torque
20 N·m
Airbag closed vessel testing
Cable properties
Cable included
No cable included
Dimensions and materials
Mounting size
9 mm
The sensor Type 6215 is a high pressure sensor with excellent lifetime and frequency response. The front sealing construction minimizes the dead volume, allowing high frequency measurements, and low thermal and mechanical stressing of the sensing element. The sensor is specifically accepted and listed in the Manual of Proof and Inspection (MOPI AEP-97 / STANAG 4823). The quartz sensing element results in high stability and good resilience against pyroelectric effects. This set includes the drill 1327, surface finishining tool 1300A25, screw tap 1353 and the bit for the torque wrench 1373A1.
Data sheet
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Quartz High Pressure Sensor
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