Fastening technology for practitioners, language: DE, on-site / Fastening technology practice (VD)

Test and measurement solutions for industrial fastening technology ensure the reliability of bolted joints and torque tools.
Fastening technology practice (VD)
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Fastening technology

Quality- and cost-oriented bolt assembly requires an understanding on the part of employees in planning, assembly and maintenance of the interaction between the bolt and the properties of the bolted material. This seminar will present the fundamental principles of fastening technology in theory and practice.

Seminar content

  • Fundamentals of fastening technology: definition of a bolted joint, parameters and limits, definition of screw/bolt types, standards, materials, danger classes
  • Coating and lubrication, influence on the coefficient of friction
  • Selection, test methods and analyses
  • Tightening methods: definition, torque, angle of rotation and limit of elasticity controlled tightening, superelastic assembly
  • Definition, use and testing of various tool types
  • Reference measurement on the shop floor
  • Manual/machine fastening
  • Prevention of setting behaviors
  • Observation of fastening processes, testing of tools in working practice, approaches to problem solving
  • Relevant standards ISO/VDA, tool standards

After attending the seminar, participants will be able to choose and employ the right tool and bolt types, as well as the right tightening methods, in their daily work.

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