Data analysis software jBEAM Powertrain for powertrain analysis, Starter or Professional / 2848A jBEAM Powertrain Config

2848A jBEAM Powertrain Config
2848A jBEAM Powertrain Config
  • Software for powertrain analysis
  • Wide variety of supported data formats, mathematical functions and visualisations
  • Interactive analysis or automated reporting
  • Optimized for reasearch and development of powertrains
Product typeSoftware

jBEAM Powertrain comes in three different versions:

  • Starter for entry level usage
  • Professional for experienced workers and advanced reports
  • Ultimate for experts in need for the most extensive features set

Please check the datasheets in order to see a detailed comparison of the versions above. Usually a license can be used on a single PC only. In order to share a single license between several users (PCs) a floating license needs to be bought. This then allows for a non-concurrent usage by various users. Additionally the software can be bought either as a yearly subscription or a one-time-buy license. While maintenance is included in the subscription, we recommend ordering it additionally with one-time-buy licenses.