Connecting cable for triaxial force sensors, V3, Fischer 9-pole pos. / 1698AB2

  • Connection cable with 3 conductors for triaxial force sensors
  • Connections: V3 pos. to Fischer 9-pole pos.
  • Protection class EN60529: IP68
  • Length: 2 m
ConnectionsV3 pos., Fischer 9-pole pos.Predefined cable length2 mNumber of conductors3Temperature range-40 … 120 °CUsed forTriaxial measurementDegree of protection EN 60529IP68 screwed, IP65Cable propertiesTPC black ⌀3.6 mm
Black, multi-wire, high insulation, TPC based cable (ø3,6 mm) with a temperature range of –40 to +120°C.