Connecting cable for piezoelectric sensors, very sturdy, KIAG 10-32 pos. - BNC pos., 2 m / 1900A21A1202

  • Length: 2 m
  • Temperature range: –40 to +200° C
  • Sensor connection: KIAG 10-32 pos. (IP67)
  • Amplifier connector: BNC pos. (IP40)
ConnectionsKIAG 10-32 pos., BNC pos.Predefined cable length2 mBending radius, static40 mmConnector side BBNC pos.Connector, side A (sensor)KIAG 10-32 pos., hexagonal swivel nutLeak-proofness of KIAG 10-32 pos. Connector, bolted, based on DIN 60529IP67Maximum tensile force on connector125 NProtection class of protective sleeve DIN 60529IP50Protection class of sensor cable DIN 60529IP67Degree of protection EN 60529IP67, IP40
The Type 1900A21 connecting cables are low-noise, oil-resistant, high-insulation coaxial cables with flexible mechanical protection. Owing to their properties, the cables are ideal for use in harsh machinery environments. Thanks to the rust-free flexible metallic protective sleeve, the IP67-rated sensor cable is protected against mechanical influ ences from outside. The KIAG 10-32 pos. connecting plug with a hexagonal swivel nut ensures IP67 protection. The sturdy connecting cable is available in various designs. In addition to standard lengths, customer-specific special lengths can also be provided. On the amplifier side, connection variant KIAG 10-32 pos. or BNC pos. can be selected.