Connecting cable for piezoelectric sensors, KIAG 10-32 pos. 90° - BNC pos., 2 m / 1641B2

  • Length: 2 m
  • Temperature range: –55 to +200°C
  • Sensor connection: KIAG 10-32 pos. 90° (IP65)
  • Amplifier connector: BNC pos. (IP40)
ConnectionsKIAG 10-32 pos., 90°, BNC pos.Predefined cable length2 mSmallest possible bending radius5 mmTemperature range-55 … 200 °CDegree of protection EN 60529IP65, IP40
Green, single-wire, high insulation, PFA based cable (ø2 mm) for sensors with KIAG 10-32 neg. connector. Charge mode, high impedance piezoelectric measurement demands highly insulated coaxial cables and connectors to ensure an insulation resistance greater than 1013 Ω throughout the measuring chain. Only low noise coaxial cables that produce very little triboelectricity during movement may be used. The connectors must be robust, sealed and resistant to dirt.