10 steps for reliable bolted assembly, language: DE, on-site / 10 steps to reliable bolt assembly (VD)

Test and measurement solutions for industrial fastening technology ensure the reliability of bolted joints and torque tools.
10 steps to reliable bolt assembly (VD)
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Final assembly of complete products and complex modules represents the end of a process chain. All influences, errors and inaccuracies that flow into the process accumulate in the final assembly. To avoid the potential problems that can emerge from these highly complex interrelationships, an integrated systems approach should be followed. This seminar will address the most important steps for a secure bolted joint. Participants will learn step-by-step how to check their bolting processes for completeness.

Seminar content

  • Review of the assembly instructions
  • Inspection of the fasteners
  • Use of the correct tools
  • Individual test plan setup
  • Calibration of hand torque wrenches and hand wrenches with rotation angle measurement, certification of screwdrivers and wrenches
  • Performance of sample inspections
  • Definition of process assurance parameters
  • Standardization of test methods, drafting of individual documentation
  • User training
  • Ensuring an independent test

Participants will be capable of checking the used methods for monitoring joining processes for completeness.

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